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Sew Graceful Quilting Quilt Preparation

An accurately pieced quilt is a pleasure to quilt and the end result is worth the extra time spent piecing. Please make sure your quilt top is square, and has all loose threads removed. By properly preparing your quilt, you will be much happier with the finished quilt.

A very important item to keep in mind when piecing your quilt is attaching the borders. The most accurate way, that keeps your quilt square, is to measure your quilt, top, bottom and middle. Take the average of those three measurements and cut two strips that exact measurement. Carefully pin in the middle and two ends. Continue pinning, working in any fullness. Sew and press. Attach all borders using this same method of calculation. This takes more time, however, you will be pleased the results.

A lot of mistakes can be “quilted out”, but some cannot be. If your quilt has fullness or ruffled borders, we will do our best to work with them. Occasionally, we may have to take a very small pleat. Your quilt will be quilted in such a way, that this would be barely noticeable, if at all. If it is necessary for us to remove and redo your borders, there will be a fee.

Running a stitch all the way around the quilt is helpful, especially if you have bias edges or small pieces that may come unsewn in the quilting process.


Select your backing fabric with machine quilting in mind. A printed 100% cotton fabric that coordinates with the top is a good choice. The backing needs to be approximately 4 inches larger than the quilt top on all sides; 8 inches longer and 8 inches wider than the top. When piecing your back, make sure to cut the selvages off, take a little larger seam and then press the seam open. Your back will lay much flatter this way, making you happier with the final results.


You may send your batting, or if you prefer we will supply the batting. We carry Quilter’s Dream 100% cotton Select and Quilter’s Dream wool. Batting choice does affect the appearance of your finished quilt. Remember, that if you chose to provide the batting, it needs to be larger than the quilt top; the same as the backing.


We use So Fine and Masterpiece threads by Superior Threads. Usually, we match the thread to the quilt using solid colors. Variegated thread is available upon request.

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